A typical 6 mile route in the summer months would be a river run (winter routes always stick to well lit city roads) leaving the Leisure Centre and heading right onto Bilford Rd and right again onto Droitwich Rd heading towards Fernhill Heath and under the bridge for the A449. The route then turns left into Grange Lane and into Essex Drive before taking a footpath that forks left

heading towards School Bank at Claines and turns right down Vicarage Lane. At the bottom of Vicarage Lane you fork left onto Egg Lane to the junction of the main A449 which is crossed with extreme care before heading right. The route then takes the next left down Hayford Lock Lane

following the road left and then through a gateway and field towards the river. At the river the route goes left and follows adjacent to the river, through several gates and fields until you reach Northwick slip and the field by the car park. This then heads up Old Northwick Lane up the hill and bears right before turning left onto Beckett Rd. At the junction of Ombersley Rd you go almost opposite and into Cornmeadow Lane before taking the footpath at the junction of Eltric Rd which you follow until it intersects the A38 Droitwich Rd again. From here the route simply turns right and then left into Bilford Rd back to the Leisure Centre.