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Creating an account and finding groups

How do I get started?

Install the My Running Club app using an iOS or Android smartphone/tablet app store, or from the following links:

Once installed, register an account. It will show an orange warning that the email address is not found.

This is ok. You will just need to enter the club code 5f817f76 to link you to the correct club.

What’s the club code?

The club code is 5f817f76. You’ll need to enter this when you register to link you to the correct club.

Why does it say my email is invalid?

Some phones will put a space at the end of the email address if you use autocomplete. Click in the email box and remove any spaces and it will allow you to continue.

How do I find and join a suitable group?

On the app, go to the Training section (the icon of a stick figure running), you’ll see all upcoming groups. You can expand the group to see the leader’s name, location and join link.

Press I’m in on the session you want to join. You’ll be asked to read and agree to important safety information. Please read this carefully to keep the leader, other runners and yourself safe.

Take note of the session notes that the leader may have added as this may have important details such as it being off-road, hilly, needing a head torch, etc.

How do I know which groups I’ve signed up to?

All groups you’ve joined will show with a thicker, green outline round the group name.

What should I do if I can’t attend?

If you’re no longer able to attend, please cancel as soon as possible to allow others to join the group and so the leader knows who to expect.

Where you pressed I’m in, it will now show an icon that looks like a no entry sign. Press that to remove yourself from the group. You don’t need to let anyone know.

How do I see who else is in the group?

Underneath the session information, there’s an icon next to the I’m in button that opens a list of group members (looks like three people – head and shoulders).

How can I contact the group leader?

On the main menu, go to Members List. Search for the leader and press the envelope icon. Type your message and press the send icon (looks like a paper plane).

Do I need a smartphone?

No. You can use the web-based portal using a computer.

The functionality is limited compared to the app, but you can still join groups.


Group leaders

How do I become a leader?

Let Stuart Munday (groups co-ordinator) or Paul Evans (webmaster) know and they’ll set you as a leader. If you’ve never led a group before, let them know. We also have useful tips on leading a group.

How do I add a group?

Once you’ve been set as a leader, on the Training page, you should see Add New Training Session button. From there:

Pick a date and time

Choose your group pace

If you’re offering a pace range, select the fastest pace on offer, e.g. 10-10:30 min/mile pace, select 10 min/mile.

If you want to offer something different, let Stuart or Paul know and we can add new group names.

Enter the location. Consider adding a postcode to make it easier for members to find.

Set the number of places (the group size, not what places you’ll visit!)

Add any important notes such as distance/time running, things they should bring (e.g. trail shoes, high vis, head torches, etc) or anything that may put them off (e.g. hilly, off-road, etc).

Press the paper plane icon to save and list the group.

After you’ve added the group, it’s important you add yourself to the group using the I’m in button. If you don’t, it will put anyone that joins the group on the waiting list until you do. This is to ensure the leader agrees to the Covid safety statement.

How many places should I add?

Include yourself in the total and set to what you feel comfortable with. This should be set to a maximum of eleven (you and ten others).

How do I see the groups I’m leading?

From the Training page, press Show My Sessions. This will show only sessions that you’re listed as a leader. To see groups you’ve joined but aren’t leading, they’ll show with a green outline.

Can I contact everyone in the group?

Yes, expand the session details and press the Message Group button. Type your message and press send (paper plane icon).

This will appear publicly to all members browsing the list of groups, so be mindful of what information you send this way.

How do I cancel a group?

Press the bin icon underneath the session details.


Why are we changing away from Wix?

Wix has been a good platform to allow the club to safely offer running groups, but there’s various issues that we’ve found that make it frustrating for group leaders and members, so while the lockdown is in place, we’ve looked into better platforms.

Pershore Plum Plodders have been successfully using this system as are many other clubs around the country.

We value any feedback you have, so if you find it useful, or spotted any issues, let us know. The developers are extremely receptive to feedback and have already added new features we’ve recommended and fixed some small bugs that we’ve spotted so far.

When will we go back to regular groups from Perdiswell, Riverside and the Mug?

We’ll let club members know when this is possible. Until then, we’re using this system to safely allow members to join groups at a range of times and locations.