Club Standards

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Earn awards and set yourself targets by completing races and hitting the target times. A great way to keep motivated in your training.

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Club Records

Ok, they may not be world records, but they’re still impressive. Check out the club records for the different distances and age categories.

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Run Britain

Find out where your race times put you in the UK and enjoy features like the runbritain Handicap score and performance graphs.

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Power of 10

The Power of 10 website run by British Athletics includes personalised results pages for all registered athletes. It also provides rankings per event to show how each athlete’s best performances compare with the rest of the UK.

Power of 10 (All BPJs) »

Power of 10 (BPJ Ranking Tables) »

James MathesonJames Matheson is the club’s Run Britain co-ordinator; promoting Run Britain Rankings and Power of 10 to help you monitor your running progress. James posts tips and useful information about how to get the most out of the sites. If you have any questions, ask James on our Facebook group.