Club Records

The great thing about Black Pear Joggers is that we cater for all abilities. We are very supportive of new runners and non-competitive runners, there is never any pressure to try and run quicker or enter races, but we do have some very fast runners that win races and pick up age/gender category prizes. Here’s an archive of the various records over different events.

Male Records


Female Records


Criteria for Inclusion

To be eligible for listing as a club record, you must be a fully paid up affiliated member of the club at the time of the event and the event should be an official event with published results, rather than on a training run. If you think you’ve beaten a record, or know someone that has, let us know and we’ll update it.

The list only includes performances listed on Power of 10, so times set on training runs or races without a race licence are not included and likely won’t be in future as this would be a nightmare to compile and maintain. The list is updated automatically on a daily basis, but recent performances may not be listed on Power of 10 until a week or so after.