Midland Veterans Track and Field League

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve been accepted into the Midlands Veterans Track and Field LeagueThe league holds four fixtures between April and August on Wednesday or Thursday evenings featuring a range of events. A veteran is classed as 35 or over.

Who can take part?

Although the league is obviously a competition, the aim of us joining the league is for a wide range of members to feel they can come and have a go at track and field events as something a little different or a new personal challenge. The primary focus will be on the ‘running’ track events, but members can take part in the jumping and throwing events. There are no plans to take this further and develop into a full track/field or athletics club. We’re hoping that after the success of the regular Wednesday night BPJ track session, this will prove popular.

The league is open to all first claim affiliated members of Black Pear Joggers. We can have up to 3 second claim members as long as the first claim club isn’t already in the league (e.g. if you’re first claim to Worcester AC and second claim BPJ, you must compete for them, not us). If you’re a ‘basic’ member, you would need to upgrade your membership and pay the England Athletics registration fee. To do this, please contact our membership secretary Steve McNelis.

Sign me up

Check the spreadsheet below to see what events are planned at the next fixture and what others have already put themselves down for. If there’s something you fancy taking part in, get in touch with the team manager (currently Paul Evans) and we’ll explain the process.



Track spikes or low soled road shoes are recommended. Please don’t wear shoes with carbon plates or thicker soles (e.g. Nike Vaporfly, Hoka and similar). These are not allowed under World Athletics rules. For the 2K race walk, road shoes are preferable over spikes.


You will need to wear a BPJ club vest or t-shirt, so if you don’t already have one, head on over to the kit page.

Bring warm clothing as the events start from 7pm and go on until about 9:15pm, so there may be a lot of waiting around between events.


The team manager will supply the right numbers for you to wear. You will need to wear one on the front and one on the back.. Please bring some safety pins along with you and if you have the correct numbers from a previous event, please bring along.