Cross Country

For all you budding cross country runners, why not take part in the cross country leagues. The cross country races are open to runners of all abilities and we highly recommend giving them a go for the great team spirit, racing in club colours and challenging yourself in a tough (sometimes very muddy!) race.

As a club we take part in the Gloucestershire League.  The men also take part in the Birmingham & District League. and the women in the Midland Women’s League. The plus side with the Birmingham and Midlands Leagues is that the club have already paid for the season so there will be no cost to club members taking part. For the Gloucester league, you can just enter on the day for a very reasonable £4. There is usually a special offer if you enter all four races prior to the event.


To take part in the Gloucestershire league, you can just turn up on the day. For the Midlands Women’s League and Birmingham Men’s League, get in touch with the cross country team captains to pre-register.

13th October 2018 Gloucestershire
3rd November 2018 Gloucestershire
10th November 2018 Birmingham Division 2 and Midlands
1st December 2018 Birmingham Division 2 and Midlands
9th December 2018 Gloucestershire
5th January 2019 County Championships
12th January 2019 Birmingham Division 2 and Midlands
9th February 2019 Birmingham Division 2 and Midlands
17th February 2019 Gloucestershire

Team captains

Thank you to the captains for volunteering and championing the cross country. If you would like to ask any questions about the cross country, check out the BPJ Facebook group.

Chris Bomber Harris

Chris Attwood
Men’s Team Captain

Chris Bomber Harris

Paul Childs
Men’s Team Vice Captain

Lorraine Griffiths

Lorraine Griffiths
Women’s Team Captain

Also a big thank you to Chris Bomber Harris who captained the men’s team through the club’s promotion to division two and grew the participation in the club. Due to other commitments he has passed the mantle over, but still helps out where possible.

Footwear and kit

For cross country it is compulsory for all runners to be wearing their club vest or t-shirt. If you don’t have one, check out the kit page for how to buy one. Footwear really depends on the course and weather conditions, some races you may get by with road shoes, most you will need trail shoes, which have better grip and for some races, cross country spikes are necessary (you can run without but you may end up slipping and sliding everywhere!).