If you haven’t ran with us before, we recommend coming along for a few runs first. Then if you enjoy it, you can become a member. Membership runs from 1st April to 31st March. However, new members who join the club part way through the year will only pay a reduced amount according to the month in which you first join. If you have any questions about membership, please email our membership secretary, or come and have a chat on our Facebook group.

Join the club

If you're a new member, first complete the new membership form. Once it's been processed, you'll receive an email from England Athletics to request payment. This may take a week or two - you can still run with the club in the meantime.

Membership types

Standard membership is £30 a year and renewals are due each April. If you do not want the benefits of England Athletics affiliation, you can pay the basic membership fee of £20 to the club. This is more suited for runners who have no desire to take part in races or second claim members that are already members of another club. If you join part-way through the year, the membership fees are reduced.

Benefits of being a Black Pear Jogger

Here's a selection of some of the reasons that you should become a member with BPJ.

  • Running in a friendly atmosphere
  • Running with others in safety
  • Running with company most days of the week
  • Running with others of similar abilities
  • Support and tips from experienced runners
  • Great club camaraderie
  • Mental health benefits
  • Chance to meet new people
  • Come to club social events
  • Join the active Facebook group
  • Running in club kit
  • Attend parkrun tours
  • Take part in Magic Mile events
  • Certificates for improving in races
  • Organised talks by experts

Benefits of England Athletics affiliation

The standard membership price includes your affiliation with England Athletics (currently £19), which opens up a range of extra opportunities and benefits for members.