parkrun tours

Come and join us as we visit numerous parkruns around the country. Your parkrun barcode is valid at all parkruns. If you haven’t got a barcode yet, register for one. Check out the club Facebook page for information on car sharing to the events and share your photos from any other parkrun tours that you go on. Don’t forget your club kit! Thanks to Peter Darwen for co-ordinating the fixtures.

2020 Fixtures

Month Date parkrun Course Elevation League Race
January 25th Fire Service College Tarmac/trail/grass Flat Yes
February 22nd Ross-on-Wye Grass Flat Yes
March 7th Isabel Trail Tarmac Flat Yes
April 4th East Park Tarmac Flat Yes
June 6th Mallards Pike Tarmac Flat
August 1st Yeovil Montacute Trail Undulating
September 19th Newent Gravel/trail/grass Undulating Yes
October 17th Dudley Tarmac/shale/grass Undulating Yes
November 14th Somerdale Pavilion Grass Flat Yes

BPJ parkrun Challenges

Peter Darwen has set up challenges for members to try and spell out different phrases in a calendar year. Members completing the challenge can earn a bespoke medal.

2021 – TBC

With parkruns only just resuming in July, it hasn’t left much time to complete the challenge. We’re currently discussing whether to merge this year and last year’s results or do something different.

2020 and 2021 combined ‘MYFRIENDS’ challenge progress (provisional)

2020 – ‘MYFRIENDS’

The challenge was cut short when all parkruns were cancelled due to the global Covid-19 pandemic in March. Only 1 member managed to complete and spell out ‘MYFRIENDS’, with the ‘Y’ being a tricky one; either York or Yeovil.

2020 ‘MYFRIENDS’ challenge progress


The first year of the challenge saw 46 members complete and spell out ‘BLACKPEARS’. The ‘R’ proved the trickiest for most; Ross-on-Wye was the closest, but was plagued with cancellations due to flooding and heavy rain. Members had to venture out to Rugby or Newport (Riverfront).

2019 ‘BLACKPEARS’ challenge progress

Black Pear parkrun Tourist Leaderboard

Below is the list of the most travelled parkrunners in the club (10 or more different events). Newly joined members and recently completed events may take a few weeks to show on this list. The data is fed from the Run Britain Rankings site, so register there and ensure your parkruns are showing if you think you should be on here. International parkruns are not shown currently.