Champions Race League

The BPJ champions league consists of a range of races, mostly local and low-cost, including many local parkruns throughout the calendar. A big thank you to Mark Dillon who is once again taking on the administration of the league for 2017. The rules for the 2017 league are as follows:

  • For each race, the top finisher in each gender will be awarded 25 points, 2nd finisher 24 points and so on with every eligible member earning a minimum of 5 points per race
  • You can take part in as many of the races as you like, but only your highest 10 scores will count
  • Members joining part-way through the year won’t be included in the league due to the extra work and complexity involved
  • If you don’t renew your membership on time, you will not be included in the league
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 in each gender at the end of the league (usually at the Christmas party)

The 2016 race league has one more race left (Arrow Valley parkrun on November 19th). You can view the latest results below.

View the 2016 latest league results

View the 2017 league races