Over 6 weeks we will introduce you to different types of runs that you can add to your training to help improve your running.

Who is this for?

This is suitable for runners who can comfortably run for up to an hour, at any pace. Runners must be injury free as these sessions will involve intensive running that could aggravate any injury further.

What will runners get out of the sessions?

Sessions should help improve your speed and endurance. This in turn will reflect on your parkrun and race times.  Although please be aware, you will get out of it what you put in to it. So come along to the sessions prepared to work hard.

What will it involve?

Sessions will include different kinds of speed training including hill efforts, meet and retreat, Kenyan Hills, pyramids and Beat the Bell.

Who will the sessions be led by?

Friendly, encouraging and qualified run leaders and coaches.

Do I need to commit to every week?

To get maximum benefit out of the programme we would recommend coming every week.  However some people may want to just come along for sessions that are new to them or they would like to try.

What do I need to bring?

Bring some water to drink, you will need it.

How do I take part?

Simply turn up to the Tuesday Riverside run as normal (meet 6:50pm for a 7pm start). In the case of very large groups, we may split the group into smaller groups for safety.

When and where will the sessions take place?

We will be meeting at the Riverside Building every Tuesday starting 2nd January with the normal Tuesday Club Run for a 7pm start. The sessions will take place at various locations in Worcester, incorporating roughly a mile warm up there (and cool down back). They will be held at well-lit areas, generally away from main roads to reduce disruption from traffic and increase safety.


Programme Timetable

  1. Hill Sprints
  2. Meet and Retreat
  3. Shorter Intervals
  4. Kenyan Hills
  5. Longer Intervals
  6. Beat the Bell

About the Sessions

Below is an overview of the format of the sessions. These may be subject to change based on leader availability, weather etc. Slower/less experienced runners may wish to reduce the number of repeats accordingly.

Hill Sprints

Short, explosive sprints are a form of strength training. They strengthen all of the running muscles, making you less injury-prone. They also increase the power and efficiency of the stride, enabling you to cover more ground with each stride with less energy in race circumstances.

  • Warm up run from Riverside to the bottom of Green Hill Bath Road (opposite Texaco garage)
  • Sprint from bottom of hill to top and round to the left
  • Recover back down to start
  • Repeat 12 times
  • Cool down run back to Riverside

Meet and Retreat

A fun session where runners are paired up, running the opposite way around a block. If both runners run evenly out and back, they’ll arrive back to the start at a similar time. It doesn’t matter if each runner is of a different ability, it just means they’ll meet at a different point, both will have run for the same amount of time.

  • Warm up run from Riverside to the corner of Brookside Road and Sapphire Close
  • One of pair runs anti-clockwise, other runs clockwise round loop
  • When you meet your partner, turn and run back to start
  • 90 second recovery jogging in between
  • Repeat 6 times
  • Cool down run back to Riverside

Shorter Intervals

Structure of Session: Coming soon
Benefit: Coming soon

Kenyan Hills

  • Meet at Riverside
  • Warm up to bottom of Hardwicke Close
  • 20 minutes of running in total split between blocks with 2-3mins recovery in between, running to top of junction with Henwick Road, e.g:
    4mins hard – 2mins recovery
    5mins hard – 2mins recovery
    6mins hard – 3mins recovery
    5mins hard – 3mins recovery
  • Cool down run back to Riverside

Longer Intervals

Structure of Session: Coming soon
Benefit: Coming soon

Beat the Bell

Structure of Session: Coming soon
Benefit: Coming soon