As a club we are being responsible and following government guidelines around organised activities and social distancing. It is really important to remember that many of us run for our mental health. Isolation can be difficult so your Mental Health Champions have come up with a few ideas to keep your running and exercise varied and hopefully fun in lieu of club runs, parkruns and races.

Today we are launching our MAXIMISING MARCH bingo game – no prizes unfortunately but hopefully some fun for people to participate in and share their successes on social media. Some of these require photographic evidence! Simply tick them off as you complete them.

Take a mid-run selfie Run 10K Run the entirety of Rainbow Hill Claim a personal Strava achievement Complete a freedom parkrun
Complete a Strava challenge Run with a buddy (2 legs or 4) Complete a tempo run of 5K or more Go for a walk Complete a run with a distance that includes your age*
Run streak – run 3 days or more in a row Complete a hill training session (no cheating) REST DAY Complete a stretching or yoga session Run your normal route NAKED (without your watch)
Complete a long run (8+ miles) Run your favourite route Complete a fartlek session Strength training session Draw a picture on Strava!
Complete a run with odd socks on (photo for proof) Complete a run you normally avoid (e.g. treadmill, hills, trail, tempo etc) Complete 15,000 steps in a day Take part in a running or exercise session with someone who doesn’t normally run** Post run ice bath!

* If you are 40 you run 5.40 miles
** Ideal opportunity to get your young people involved

IMPORTANT: Please remember that you can still run solo or if you are running with someone please respect the guidance on social distancing and take appropriate precautions around hygiene.

Please feel free to adapt this challenge (e.g. if you can’t get to Rainbow Hill choose a suitable alternative)

We will be also supplying some suggestions for stretching, yoga, HIIT, and strengthening work over the next few days.

On your “rest day” why not try something mindful. Write a letter, draw a picture, pick up the phone or video call anyone you know who may be self isolating.

We would love to hear how you get on

BPJ Mental Health Champions