Tonights Magic Mile session went down with all that attended.

BPJ member, Nichola Robinson organised a one mile timed run from Pitchcroft as part of the Marathon Talk Magic Mile Global Team Challenge 2012, giving people the chance to see how fast they can run a mile.

Everyone predicted how fast they would complete it, with the closest predicted time and a prize of a bag of monkey sweets going to Jemima!  Well done to everyone!

The times were as follows:

Dan 5:59
Ant 6:03
James 6:25
Jemima 6:33
Nichola 6:38
Dave 6:40
Jon 6:52
Shelly 6:53
Derek 6:56
Paul 7:22
Sandie 7:45
Nicki 8:00
Kat 9:07


There has been talk of repeating the event for those that missed out and for attempts to improve their times. Watch this space…