Dear all Black Pear Joggers,

The club membership price will be increasing from £12 to £20 at the start of the April 2013, when membership will be due for renewal.

England Athletics affiliation has undergone restructuring, increasing their fees that the club has to pay for each member. These fees will rise for all running clubs, not just our own.

This still represents excellent value for money at only £1.66 a month. Also, members receive many extra benefits such as discounts at some sports shops and reduced race entry fees.

For new members who join from April 2013, there is now a set reduction scheme in place, so that members are not over-charged if they join later in the year.  If you join from April to September it is full price £20, October to December £17.50 and January to March 2014 it is £15.00.

More information about the England Athletics fee rises can be found on their website.

Online membership renewal facilities will be coming soon.

If you have any queries about this, please let me know by emailing [email protected].


April TurnerMembership Secretary

April Turner