BREAKING NEWS! I am pleased to let you know that as part of my new role promoting Run Britain and Power of 10 to help you monitor your running progress, we are setting up a new competition which will finish at the end of the year. It is easy to enter and just as easy to take part.

We will be using the scheme to monitor the progress of runners at BPJ. The award will go to the runner who has improved their score the most.

Some examples of Black Pears who …have improved their scores this year:

  • Cat Kelly 22.8 to 19.5 improvement 3.3
  • Steve Jones 17.4 to 11.2 improvement 6.2
  • Phil Armstrong 33.7 to 23.7 improvement 10
  • Ashley Taylor 24.5 to 20.8 improvement 3.7
  • Cindy Richards 19.7 to 14.4 improvement 5.3
  • Jeremy Jones 9.2 to 7.1 improvement 2.1

There are approximately 250 black pears registered on Run Britain so it will take me some time to check all the results but I plan to update the scores on a monthly basis between now and the end of the year. The most improved runner will have lowered their score by the most at the end of the year.

Sounds simple? it is! All UKA races count towards the score so Worcester 10k in September is a good opportunity to improve your score. Also all parkruns, which are completely free count too.

My name isn’t on the list of runners? It is likely that you haven’t registered yet. simply register with an email address and your UKA number which will be on your membership email from the club and you name will appear. You can add old performances from earlier this year too so you wont miss out.

I will provide some more updates very soon

Happy running