So how did your performance at Worcester 10k affect your score?

Check your ranking score on the website and let us know how you did. You can tell if your time is included in your calculation if it is in the top 5 races on your race listing and will have a “+” sign next to it.

Some examples of some improvements thanks to their time at Worcester 10k. Jeremy Jones improved to 6.9, an identical score to Paul Evans who also improved. Mark Rose score improved… to 16.9, Lorraine Griffiths improved her score to 12.2 equalling her highest ranking score; Jo Walker’s score jumped to 17.9 her best score since the start of the year. Hazel Sherrington’s score improved to 32.9.

Remember whoever improves their score the most throughout 2015 will be crowned the most improved BPJ runner of the year.

Check your score and see how you are progressing!