I have FINALLY finished base lining all the BPJ’s registered on the website – there are around 370 registered under BPJ but there are several on there that have now probably lapsed as members or certainly haven’t run any races for a couple of years. I would estimate there are maybe 300 of us registered active members. Out of those 300 there are 94 people that have improved their scores over the year since January 2015.

Everyone started at different places so your score is relative to you and your progress this year. Its not a perfect system but is a useful guide to progress. It matters not whether you classify yourself as a “slow” runner an “average” runner or a “fast” runner. Your score is your score. Just to demonstrate its possible for any standard of runner here are some examples:

Ian Wild has improved in that time from 2.4 to 2.0, Emily Seward from 12.3 to 7.0 Hazel Sherrington 33.6 to 32.8 Mick Ward 14.4 to 7.0 Roger Yarnold 31.7 to 30.5 Margaret Gwilliam 26.5 to 24.0 Julie Hall 18.6 to 15.3. Neil Mcmillan coming back from injury 26.1 to 21.2 Steve McNelis 15.3 to 12.3.

Have a look at yours and see how you have progressed this year.