Do we have any ‘roving race reporters’…

                 …..or jovial jogging journalists?

I know you may think it looks difficult, but honestly, it really isn’t.

Running articles, training tips, inspirational stories or race reports are very useful tools for other runners to refer to. We are looking for budding writers who fancy penning a few lines about the races they participate in, secret techniques they want to reveal or just any running related media they want to share. Unfortunately, I can’t be everywhere you see and, contrary to belief, I am not all seeing and all hearing.

It’s actually what all of the journalism fraternity do. The local media receive a story from me that they revise and publish. What I submit could well be compiled from your contributions, thus we want to enlist your help. Be our eyes and ears, translate this into some witty or wise words, impart what is essentially your opinion, in your own inimitable style.

You will receive all the recognition for what you write. It is not my style to take credit for others’ literary genius. I am more than happy to provide guidance templates, review copy, source imagery and photographs (although all submissions also welcome), upload and/or construct final reports on the BPJ website. It is as simple as that.

So, roll up, roll up, you know you want to and, I promise you, you will be fabulous.

Please comment on the facebook feed or email me on: [email protected] if you would like to get involved.

Tracy Kennish, Marcomms and Media Liaison