Worcester is a vibrant city offering diversity in sporting activities. The Black Pear Joggers feel that people should continue to enjoy their activities without fear. However, considering the recent attacks, Rebekah Dib the club’s welfare officer, would like to offer some advice for maintaining personal safety.

If you have not heard about the assaults mentioned, here is an article published in the Worcester News that gives a detailed description of the attacker and an incident number to report any further information.

  1. Know your route/surroundings.
  2. Share your route and estimated return time with somebody.
  3. Change your routine: Don’t keep to the same routes and times.
  4. Run with a friend or in groups where possible.
  5. Avoid running alone in secluded areas or unlit areas.
  6. Stay aware.  Avoid use of headphones and MP3 players.
  7. Carry a mobile phone.
  8. If approached, do not confront the attacker.
  9. Get help at the earliest opportunity.

If anyone feels unsafe due to recent events they can run in company with the Black Pear Joggers as we have club runs most days. Please keep vigilant, not just along the Riverside, in case the perpetrator changes his predatory ground.

If you feel concerned or would like some extra advice, please contact either Rebekah Dib (the club’s welfare officer) or Paul Evans (the club chairman) via the website contact page where you can lodge a welfare enquiry, our dedicated Facebook Group or by approaching them in person.

You can also check the Black Pear Joggers website for details of group runs.