This annual, multi lap, 24 hour race is a firm favourite, particularly with BPJs as it is local. It takes place at Top Barn and is a circuit following parts of the Severn Way along the river to Grimley, returning back to the camp site through a mixture of fields, footpaths and quiet lanes.

Teams of 2 – 8 and soloists alike battle it out to see just how many laps they can complete in the allotted period. This year’s new, slightly longer 5.56 mile laps meant that 18 circuits secured a colossal 100 mile distance. Two of our ladies, Emily Seward and Ewelina Skolimowska, smashed that and came first and second in their solo category.

BPJ running results

Solo or Team Name Position Distance (in miles) Lap number
Solo Emily Seward 1st Lady 105.64 19
Solo Ewelina Skolimowska 2nd lady 100.08 18
Solo Jess Hathaway 10th lady 66.72 12
Solo Rebecca Spencer 19th lady 22.24 4
Solo Tim Hosell 10th male 83.4 15
Solo Gerald Sanders 34th male 61.16 11
Team (mixed pairs) Becky Dillon & Tony Farnsworth 1st of 3 122.32 22
Team (6-8 mixed) Mark Dillon, Nic Dauncey, Mat Capel, Lucy Capel, Rhian Protheroe, Alison Priest (Malvern Jogger), Kareen Mann, Ian Walwyn 2nd of 10 155.68 28
Team (3-5 mixed) Ryan Lyttle (Team with PPP) 2nd of 3 133.44 24
Team Matt Rendall (Team with PPP) 6th of 10 122.32 22

Team efforts often involved local club collaboration with The Malvern Joggers and Pershore Plums.

Many BPJ’s marshalled in 6 hour stints and/or accompanied fellow runners on their laps to keep them going. Meg Judge massaged a phenomenal 34 people, donating £170 to the Samaritans, Mick Kennish-Ward took hundreds of photographs and others offered their services in an official capacity to run with anybody who needed them on the night shift, appropriately called ‘Knights’. Volunteers are critical to the success of any race and everybody is rewarded with a high quality hoodie and free race entry to one of Steve Worrallo’s great events.

BPJ Volunteers

Role Name
Knight and photographer Mick Kennish-Ward
Knight Darrin Lyn
Masseur Meg Judge
Marshal Claire Shacklock
Marshal Mark Rose
Marshal Rachel Booth
Marshal Asa Booth
Marshal Tracy Kennish-Ward
Marshal Ian Walker
Marshal Dave Bessant
Marshal Ruth Bessant

The full list of results can be found here

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