Hello Everybody,

I hope you are all looking forward to a summer of good running and are glad that the winter is now behind us. Those of you who have been training for a spring marathon must be happy that the hard cold, wet, long runs are over and the fun (?) will start soon!

As most of you are aware I have moved into this role, after Gary, stepped down a month ago, I will also be up for re-election at the next AGM, in the mean time I am planning on giving this role my best shot and help steer the club forward in the best way.

We are the only club for miles around with so many different ages and abilities. This at times can be very challenging   for the club, but opens up a whole new challenge for people. The club is very good at giving people the freedom to try different things, from running quicker on Monday night, by moving up a group, or trying your first long run on a Sunday, entering a race or trying an efforts session to build your speed. The committee like to think that the club is welcoming and sociable this would not happen if it was not for YOU the members.  So thank you for paying your membership fee which is due NOW!!!!

I feel that a lot of the group leaders and members as yet don’t know me, so, over the next few weeks I plan to run with each group, at the group leaders pace.  I am looking forward to getting to know you and hear people’s ideas for the club (which can always be sent to the committee by email).

I have been asked to mention that the club does  not tolerate the use of iPod’s on club nights/runs  we feel that all member should be able to hear each other’s for safety and  social reasons.

At the moment the club is paying for a new web site to be developed. There has been a small cost involved in building this site so to recover the cash, we are asking members who have businesses and would like to advertise on the site to get in touch. For £20 you can have a link and small advert on our BPJ Trade page,

Looking ahead to the summer there is a lot going on at BPJ such as our first Summer Ball which will take place at Worcestershire County Cricket Club on the 30th June.

We have our very own club 5k and 10k series, I hope  many of you will try these nights which will be followed with chips in the bar afterwards. The sports centre lets us use the shower for free so please come and join us.

After our two very successful races at Croome Park the National Trust has invited us to run this event again. It will probably be in November on the third Sunday, but the actual date depends on the race license being granted by UKA.  Once we have this we will be after volunteers to help.

I would like to thank the committee who are doing a great job and also the back bone of the club, the Group leaders.

I hope you all enjoy the summer and get involved; it should be a busy and enjoyable one!

Have fun,

Mike Lane
BPJ Chair