October Newsletter

Hello all,

This year is moving as quick as Darren Salisbury and before we know it, we will all have hats, scarfs, gloves and reflective wear on for our evening runs. Last week was the club’s AGM, thanks to all new and old members who came along. I found the number of people there very positive, for those of you who missed the report plus free sandwiches I would like to give you the chance to read the report again at the bottom of this update.

October always bring with it Hills and, as most of you know, STUART WILD will have completed 100 marathons by the end of the month. With around 40 BPJs joining in with this race I believe you will all have a great weekend in Snowdon running or supporting. Enjoy it!! There will be celebrations at the bar in Perdiswell Leisure Centre on the 29th October at 8pm.

For those other runners who find the full-on 26.2 miles a bit hard going, but enjoy hills, I would recommend the Beacon race, a winding route over the top of the Worcestershire beacon and around the North Hill before finishing in the rose garden. This race is not for the faint-hearted and definitely not a fun run! But normally has a great selection of cakes after at the Race H.Q (13th October).

The club will also have its first team in the Gloucester AAA Cross Country this Saturday, all members who wish to run please meet at the sports centre car park at 12.20 to share lifts. There is also a 10k road race on Sunday 7th Oct at 11am in Stourport. It would be nice to see you all running in club kit at all races as the supporters can cheer you all along and it can also help in a race to encourage others to the finishing line. Kit is in the bar most weeks after the run on a Monday night or you can buy online.

Have fun this October and below is the AGM report.



AGM Report

The club is in great shape, and the amount of sport that has been on our TVs this year will help the club to grow and grow. Larger numbers do make our job on the committee harder and so increasingly we will need more help from our members in a number of different roles.

With growth we will also encounter greater diversity, giving a mix of abilities that will lead to differing ideas and needs!! We need to look into this and we may need to try to change a few things and think creatively about how to cater for the differing groups. We are happy for others to help us with doing this, but would ask that ideas are floated in front of the committee first. This is so to ensure that the clubs insurance allows for the new activity and also so that we can advertise the event to all members.

Looking back to November 2011, the club organised its second Race at Croome Park. The course, which was designed by Nick Hooper, has become a big hit on the race circuit and has even found its way into Runner’s World Top 10 for off-road races. The race this year has been moved forward by a week and is filling fast. We have also used Croome Park for a Monday night run, where over 80 people turned out to run the 6.2ish mile route followed by a pint after.

The summer also brought us all out to Worcester Cricket Club for the first BPJ Ball and I hope that the Social committee will look into running this event in 2013.

I would like to thank the committee, all of whom are doing a great job. We all give up a lot of our time to help in the running of this club and we have had to sort out a number of silly issues this year. Unhelpful comments on networking sites are not in the best interests of the club and may deter others from joining and as such will not be tolerated. I would like to think that we can now move on from this. Let’s all look forward in running terms to encouraging each other to get fit and to enjoying the sport that we are here for!!!