Hi All

Before I start telling you all that subs were due at the start of April and that you can pay online or give your payment and completed membership form to a member of the committee…. I have some exciting news about our club race in November 2013. Following a meeting with the National Trust at Croome Park and a small cheque of £1700 being donated, which we as a club have raised thanks to last year’s races, we can now confirm the Croome Capability Canter will take place on Sunday the 17th November. We will also be running a Monday summer night run from there for all those who wish to run the course in maybe better weather conditions than November.

Looking back over the past month it’s been great to see so many runners in different races up and down the UK. A large number of club runners have taken part in the London marathon, Worcester half/marathon, the Evesham Ultra (well done Richard Walsh for winning), Scenic Six, Pendock 10k (well done all first timers) and many more. As I have not been running much this winter due to an injury it’s been great to catch up with BPJ race followers who are a mix of BPJ members and family and friends of runners. Thanks very much to them as well for turning up and giving the runners support.

If you’re looking forward to more races this year please sign up to the Grand slam league (club league). I would also like to recommend the races that will be happening on Wednesday nights over the summer. The Worcestershire County Summer Mid-Week Series is normally a well-run event for all abilities also the The Fast and Furious 5km in Stourport is taking place. Please don’t get put off by the name for this. Don’t forget the Malvern Joggers 10k for a bit more off rd. fun!

The committee are looking for someone to work with Peter on his role as Publicity Officer. If you would like to put your name into the hat for this please email Claire. As normal I would like to say thanks to the committee and also to Martin who is doing a great job.

Thursday night runs are taking place back at the Mug House in Claines and other pubs around the city. Graham and others will always be running from the mug house at 7.15pm. Other runs may happen on the same night so if you would like to join these please keep an eye on the face book page for info.

Enjoy MAY


Mike Lane