40 Black Pear Joggers joined for a one mile timed run from Pitchcroft as part of the Marathon Talk Magic Mile Global Team Challenge 2013, giving people the chance to see how fast they can run a mile.

On the 28th August and 3rd September, runners of all abilities timed themselves running a mile around the perimeter of the racecourse, with various prizes up for grabs by organisers Paul and Jo Evans.

There were some superb times, with an average mile time of 6 minutes 34 seconds. Many surprised themselves by running much quicker than their predicted times.

The event went down very well and it is hoped that as well as the official Magic Mile event each year, there will be other chances for runners to repeat the event to see their improvements every few months (keep an eye on our events calendar!).


Everyone likes to win prizes! Although it was just a bit of fun, there were some small prizes in the form of sweeties/chocolates awarded:

  • Fastest male mile: Matt Fitzgerald (5:31) and Darren Salisbury (4:46)
  • Fastest female mile: Julie Gerrard (6:25) and Jemima Lowe (6:14)
  • Closest to predicted time: Dan Cale (5:59 – predicted 6:00) and Ian Wild (5:30 – same as prediction)
  • Most improved from last year: Paul Evans (improved from 7:22 to 5:59) and Jemima Lowe (improved from 6:33 to 6:14)

Most improved from last year was the biggest improvement (in seconds) from anyone that took part in the magic mile event last year.


Name Actual Time
Darren Salisbury 0:04:46
Ian Radford 0:04:53
Paul Childs 0:04:55
Ian Wild 0:05:30
Matt Fitzgerald 0:05:31
Matt Fitzgerald 0:05:32
Ian Wild 0:05:35
Chris Attwood 0:05:36
Andy Stafford 0:05:37
Simon Griffiths 0:05:40
Clive Andrews 0:05:48
Nick Adams 0:05:56
Dan Cale 0:05:59
Paul Evans 0:05:59
James Matheson 0:06:12
Anthony Jones 0:06:13
Jemima Lowe 0:06:14
Mike Lane 0:06:15
Richard Drewett 0:06:16
Adam Stowe 0:06:16
Derek Jackson 0:06:20
Julie Gerrard 0:06:25
Steve McNelis 0:06:27
Jason Green 0:06:40
Jason Green 0:06:40
Graham Harris 0:06:41
Ross Henrys 0:06:50
Katie Downing 0:06:52
Carlie Haynes 0:06:54
Lorraine Westcott 0:06:57
Rebecca Wilkins 0:07:00
Ben Reed 0:07:20
Claire Shacklock 0:07:23
Rebecca Plews 0:07:31
Mike Reed 0:07:56
Kazzandra Clark 0:07:58
Martin Reeves 0:08:10
Claire Havard 0:08:22
Michelle Davies 0:09:35
Rebecca Jones 0:10:12

View the full magic mile 2013 results


The route is roughly as illustrated below should you want to run your own magic mile:

View Magic Mile at Pitchcroft in a larger map

In case you are interested… The current mile world record holder is Hicham El Guerrouj with a time of 3:43.13 and the women’s record set by Svetlana Masterkova of Russia with a time of 4:12.56!