There were some fantastic performances at Cardiff HM a couple of weeks ago but some of those results also threw up a some interesting points for us to consider. We know that running under someone else’s name is technically not allowed under UKA rules but I have done it before myself and also given places in races away.

The main point that it caused some debate over was that people’s runbritain ranking score can be greatly affected by one greatly improved time and if that run… was by someone else running under their name then it is not their improvement (if you see what i mean).

So to make it fair for the “most improved runner” competition we are running, based on
improvement, then unfortunately we are going to have to discount those individual scores from the competition. This just makes it fair for everyone.

I am not against people running under other names – as i said i have done it myself before and i hate to see places wasted. But just be aware that these cannot be considered in our competition. This also isn’t a dig at any individuals as you are of course free to continue to run under other peoples names.

You may have noticed as well that individual scores (using the lovely Jo Evans as an example) are calculated by attributing scores from your “best” 5 races. Therefore you will need to have entered 5 races (which remember can include parkruns) to be eligible.