Hello All

Just a quick update

I would like to give an extra warm welcome to the new runners who have joined the club over the past few weeks. The hardest thing about running is getting out of the front door.  The rest is easy! “Well maybe”. Running helps if you have other people of the same mind set to help you on your new goals. The BPJ is a great place for this to happen.  Over the next few weeks the club will be running (pardon the pun) a couch to 5k course and a Parkrun Improvers course.  I am delighted that a number of members have chosen to help us with delivering this.  All of the leaders have been on a day course on running fitness. I am hoping that others will come forwards to gain their qualification in athletic coaching as this will help the club grow stronger into the future.   There are a number of different courses available so please take a look at the UK Athletics web-site and speak to a member of the committee to find out about funding and helping with these roles.

For those of you who are not aware the club now meets on a Tuesday night at 6.50 for a 7pm run from the Riverside Centre next door to the Basketball Arena. We have use of the changing rooms and facilities and meet inside the building.  All members are welcome.

As most of you know Perdiswell Sports Centre is having a re-fit with a new 8 lane pool being constructed. This has left us with a small problem at the start and end of the night. Over the past few years we have enjoyed the luxury of meeting inside the sports centre in the winter and on wet nights. Our meeting place for this coming year will be the bike sheds!  I would ask you all to help out in making this ‘meeting task’ run as smoothly as possible.  Please can you help direct any new members to the signing in point. For health and safety reasons we strongly recommend that you walk to the road prior to commencing your run whilst building work is going on.

The group leaders are the building blocks of the club and I would like to say a huge thank you to you all for your help in splitting the groups to a maximum size of 15. It’s been great to see new group leaders helping with this task. If you would like to lead a group please see Martin / the whiteboard before 7pm.

The good news is that we can still use the changing rooms and showers inside the centre. So there is little excuse as to why you cannot join us for a drink in the Blackpole Pub after your run.  Kit will be sold on a Monday night from the pub, please speak to Jo Evans for more information.

The committee are always on the lookout for extra help so if you would like to get involved please find us.

Enjoy the rest of January