Dear member,

Home at Perdiswell

It’s been great that the Monday night runs have picked up again after the wet and cold winter.  After a lot of talk of moving the club on a short term basis to a new venue while the work on the sport centre is taking place I can now finally say WE ARE STAYING WHERE WE ARE.  This has come about because of a number of different factors; other venues had promised a few things and did not deliver and with the new carpark being finished at the sports centre it has eased the parking problem so why fix something which is not broken!  It’s a shame we can’t shower and make our way to the bar in the same building but the Blackpole Pub is looking after us very well.

Tuesday Club Nights

Tuesday nights are slowly picking up momentum and offer some new runs for us all from the Riverside Centre.   The centre provides excellent facilities which include showers, toilets, a dry area to meet and nearby parking.  There is no maximum limit on numbers of runners and as more people take part, the more groups can be offered.   The first Tuesday of each month we are planning a pint in a local pub, of which there are many to choose from!  On Tuesday the 7th June we shall be having a few halves in the Church End Brewery (the former Dragon).    We run at 7 so should be in the bar by 8.15.  Please come and join us.


Thank you to the 350 plus members who have re-joined the club this year, there are a few faces I see during the week and at local races wearing club kit, who have yet to pay this year’s £25. Please pay as club members will miss out on gaining extra club places in events such as the London Marathon.

Mid-Week Races

There are a number of great mid-week races taking place over the summer, here are a few to watch out for.

  • Fast & Furious 5K, Stourport Sports Club, Wednesday 25 May 2016
  • Broadway Tower Race 5M, Wednesday 25th May
  • Malvern 10K, Wednesday 8th June 2016
  • Droitwich 10K, Wednesday 13 July 2016
  • Fast & Furious 5K, Stourport Sports Club, Wednesday 27 July 2016

Club Chair Role

Just a final heads up for you all, the club’s AGM will take place mid-September to mid-October this year.   I will be standing down as Chairman and would be happy to slot into the currently vacant position of social chair. This gives the club the opportunity to vote in a new Chairperson.  If you would like to help the club move forward and have a few extra hours to give to this role please let myself or Claire know. 

Enjoy your running,