You may not have noticed, but at the last AGM there were a few changes to the committee member list. We also had a club member ask an interesting question which led me to want to compile this article and provide you all with a clearer picture of your committee’s roles and responsibilities.

Although these are listed on the club website, it is highly likely you do not know who some people are or indeed what they do for the club. Add to that that a couple of people have stepped down from their roles and there are a few new people in the mix, I thought this was the ideal opportunity to introduce them to you and just point you to where the information can be found on the website should you not be able to access this article. It never hurts to reiterate this kind of information even if you do already know to be fair and I am sure there is something you will learn either way. You can access Committee information via the Meet the Joggers page on the Club website.

The following people have stood down from their roles:

Position Name Brief description
Chairman Mike Lane See Paul Evans role below
Groups Co-Ordinator Martin Reeves To co-ordinate, organise and facilitate the successful and safe provision of running services in a group setting.
Publicity officer Steve Jones The Publicity Officer is responsible for ensuring that the club receives the widest possible media coverage.

Our new committee members are:

Position Name Picture Brief description
Tuesday and Sunday Run Leader Phil Miles Phil Miles Having voluntarily taken up the baton with the Sunday training timetable, Phil spends a massive amount of time co-ordinating the marathon and half marathon training schedules, maps out routes and leaves fluids and sustenance for all participants. He has also taken on the management of Tuesday’s training runs the other side of the river and rapidly grown regular attendance, strengthening our portfolio of training day offerings.
Marcomms and Social Media Liaison Tracy Kennish-Ward TK photo Tracy is the club’s new Marcomms and Social Media Liaison and will cover the previously named Publicity role. A vocal individual and passionate runner with a strong foundation in marketing, Tracy co-ordinates the club communications, helping to keep the website updated with news, interesting articles and features. Tracy will also be taking on the club’s Twitter account and email newsletter system.
Social Secretary Mike Lane Mike Lane The key function of a Social Secretary is to organise well run, fun social events. Mike is the friendly, welcoming face of your club! His role is important because socials allow members to get to know each other better, enjoy themselves more…and ultimately build greater commitment to the club.

I’m sure those that attend club sponsored training sessions know that in order to cover off Martin’s role, the committee have come up with a replacement strategy and now handle the Groups Co-Ordinator role in a highly collaborative manner between several members.

Your existing committee members remain unchanged, but just to remind you, should you have forgotten: 093016_0802_Journalism8.jpg

Position Name Picture Brief description
Chairman Paul Evans Our illustrious chairman. The role of the Club Chairman is to co-ordinate the management of the club for the benefit of its members. They are not only the figurehead of the club but also the person most responsible for steering it and ensuring that the club’s practices and policies result in a thriving running community.
Club Secretary and Race Director Claire Shacklock Claire Shacklock Not content with one role, Claire has taken on two, both that of club secretary and race director and appears to relish the workload. The role of the secretary is to support the Chairman in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Committee. In summary, the Secretary is responsible for ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted, maintaining effective records, administration, communication and correspondence. As race director she organises and manages the BPJ sponsored races, overseeing all aspects of event delivery and providing operational support across the race calendar. This involves supplier relationships, event documentation and general logistics.
Treasurer James King James King The person appointed to administer or manage the financial assets and liabilities of the club. The Treasurer has a watchdog role over all aspects of financial management, working closely with other members of the committee to safeguard the organisation’s finances.
Membership secretary Cat Kelly Cat Kelly The Membership Secretary is responsible for maintaining and administering a membership database of all members. Cat manages the new members and deals with the renewal/withdrawal of all existing club members. If required a membership secretary also organises and promotes various ways of increasing membership numbers, but we are doing just swimmingly right now.
Kit and Clubmark co-ordinator Jo Evans Jo Evans There seems to be a bit of a theme when you consider both Claire and Jo have two roles a piece, are both LiRF and CiRF trained and Jo is also a Guide Runner. Jo also has two roles on the committee. As Kit co-ordinator she sources and supplies all of the club branded merchandise. As Clubmark Co-ordinator she pioneered and spearheaded the transformation of the club into a clubmark accredited environment which means we operate in a safer setting. Higher standards of coaching ensure the welfare of our members and equality policies actively promote the clubs inclusive approach. Jo is now both maintaining and developing this accreditation in a continual process of improvements.
Welfare officer Rebekah Dib Rebekah Dib Every club should have a Welfare Officer. We have two and they are a team on and off the committee. This role is essential in providing a first point of contact for children, parents and adults within the club who have a child or adult safeguarding or welfare concern. The Welfare Officer is responsible for creating a safe and inclusive venue for everyone.
Welfare officer Carl Jones Carl Jones
Committee member Kazzandra Kaz last man standing2 Kazz and Gay are long standing committee members who have always assisted where they have been needed and as such they don’t have dedicated titles or roles. They help all of the committee members in a proactive and supportive capacity, particularly when undertaking the many tasks associated with event organisation, be it in a running or social capacity. Both are LiRF leaders and Kazz is also a Guide runner. Kazz is particularly passionate about welcoming beginners to the sport of running, going out of her way to ensure each new experience is both relaxing and pleasurable.
Committee member Gay Grove Gay Grove

Plethora of other helpful volunteers:

We must never forget how grateful we are to the abundance of non committee member volunteers who also assist the committee to run the club that we all enjoy today. These people are no less integral and we are so lucky to have so many that there are just too many to list and mention here.

I think it is also important to remind ourselves that all of the committee and non committee volunteers are unpaid. We are merely passionate people, often juggling full time jobs, familes, other committments and of course our own running schedules to provide the invaluable service that we do. It is purely for the love of the club, its members and the sport itself that this time and energy is invested with such enthusiasm.

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