Hi all,

I’m pleased to announce that that the poll that went out to our club members has finished and the results are in!

Black Pear Joggers will donate £1000 towards the setup costs of the new Churchfields parkrun as we did with Worcester Pitchcroft parkrun last year.

Churchfields have already been running their weekly 5K every Saturday at 9am for nearly a year now and with it expanding to be an official parkrun, it’s sure to attract more runners and expand the local running community.

Members pretty much unanimously voted in favour of supporting this with some great comments as well. Here are just a few highlights:

  • I think that parkrun ethos is so aligned with that of BPJ that a significant donation is totally appropriate.
    parkrun builds community spirit, promotes respect, health and wellbeing and is most importantly free to all. parkrun is invaluable in promoting and introducing local people to running just like the BPJ.
  • The 5k course they have at Churchfields is through fields and would provide an excellent training for our XC teams. This would fill the gap left by the loss of the Hanbury parkrun
  • Personally if we can donate the full amount it would be great as we can afford it and be great for club members to have another Parkrun to attend. Also we have some members in droitwich that will massively benefit from this. Great idea and great to be part of a generous club.
  • Agree with supporting any local running event. We all know how good parkrun is for both physical and mental wellbeing. I cannot think of a better way to spend club funds.
  • It’s another way of giving back for something members will partake in and helps spread out the running love over Worcester and Droitwich.
  • With 285 members that have ran the Worcester Pitchcroft parkrun over the last year and 524 members over the years taking part in Worcester parkrun, I’m sure this will prove another great addition to the local parkrun offering and expand the local running community even further.

Members raised some very valid concerns as well, which were passed to Churchfields and can be summarised as:

  • Potential lack of parking: They have an overflow car park that can be used and has been for charity events held there for 600+ people
  • Discounts: They will offer parkrunners discounts and also some form of BPJ discount still to be worked out.
  • Speed of service:  A new stable shed with catering facilities is being set up. They also have a burger van and ice cream van that can be used if numbers demanded it, they will try to ensure everyone is served promptly and efficiently.
  • Staying free: This is one of the conditions of becoming a parkrun and they will guarantee it remains free
  • Matching donation: They have said they will donate a £1000 towards the setup as well.

We have many members that love taking part in cross country and the ‘challenging’ course that Churchfields offers will be great for training especially with tasty locally made ice cream at the finish to cool you down!

The new parkrun will need volunteers in due course, so if you can help spare some time on Saturday mornings, even if it is on occasion, please lend a hand.

Until it is set up as an official parkrun, Churchfields will continue to run their free 5K every Saturday at 9am if you want to see what to expect. You can find out more on the Churchfields Farm Fitness website.

I feel very proud to be part of a club that looks outward to growing and expanding the parkrun community and help more people to enjoy the physical and mental health of running. Thank you to all members that voted and shared their views.

Kind regards,


Paul Evans
Black Pear Joggers