There’s been a lot of government guidance released this week and based on this we thought it was time for another update.

Although club activities are still stopped, you can now meet with one other person from outside of your household to exercise together (you still need to stay two metres apart though). This is a welcome change for those that haven’t felt able to run alone.

The other good news is that we can exercise outside more than once a day; fantastic that we aren’t having to sacrifice our running sessions to prioritise family walks, or being torn between cycling, running, etc.

If you’re in a vulnerable group or have coronavirus symptoms the advice is different. Always follow the latest government guidance.

For anyone now choosing to drive to the place you would like to exercise from, please bear in mind lots of car parks and most facilities are still closed, so plan ahead. The guidance also says it must be easily reachable and returned from within the day. And even though we’re near the border, you must avoid driving to Wales (to exercise) as their rules are different.

The government advice says if you’re in the countryside please remember the countryside code and remember to wash your hands when you return home!

We aren’t going to introduce routes currently as that could end up with too many people running the same route at the same time and make it hard to social distance, but you can find examples of local running routes on the club website.

Here is a link to the guidance: Guidance for the public on the phased return of outdoor sport and recreation in England

In the meantime, keep completing those club challenges, keep checking the government guidance as it is subject to change regularly, stay safe and happy running everyone!