On Sunday 4th October 2020, some BPJs will be taking to the roads to complete their marathon distance run for the Virtual London Marathon after the actual event was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

To help provide support, Chris Attwood and the club committee will be setting up two aid stations to help anyone doing the virtual run that they can incorporate into their run:

Both locations have toilets and parking and will be ready by 8am if you want to leave your own water/gels there. Please let Chris or a member of the committee know if you are planning to use the aid stations as part of your route or if you can help at one of the stations on the day.

The route

Chris has also plotted an 8.75 mile route that you can use to complete the distance. The marathon that incorporates the aid stations. Three laps will get you to the full marathon distance. The route is mainly near the river and canal, so mostly avoiding busy roads. If you are not running the VLM but would like to support anyone running please come along and support by running a lap or 2 as part of your Sunday run.

It should go without saying, but please take note of the following to stay safe:

  • Carry a phone and emergency contact details in case of any problems.
  • The route above isn’t marked out, so ensure you’re familiar with it. You don’t need to stick to it; it’s just a suggestion.
  • Take care around any traffic crossings and be respectful around the public as they have an equal right of way.
  • If leaving anything at the aid stations, it’s at your responsibility. Mark anything you leave with your name so no-one else uses your items.
  • Follow all government guidance around social distancing if you’re planning to run with company or you come across others running. You can read the club’s health and safety policy and coronavirus risk assessment.

Good luck to everyone completing their marathon!