Dear BPJ Member,

Following the most recent government and EA guidance we are now able to update you on new club procedures.

With regards to maintaining a Covid free environment there are procedures we as a club have needed to implement and there are also responsibilities for each individual club member.

For the foreseeable future we will be keeping to small groups with leaders making the decision on group size based on their comfort levels, the route and being able to maintain social distancing. The maximum group size will be 10 including the group leader. We will also be asking group leaders to carry hand sanitiser and a mask in case it is required (we will supply these and a running belt to carry them in).

All groups will continue to be on Wix. There is now a waiting list feature if groups are full but also please consider leading a group as we would really like to give all club members a chance to run within a week.

If you sign up to a run but can’t make it please cancel your place asap so someone else can enjoy a run.

There is a health questionnaire that each club member will need to have read and answered ‘no’ to all questions prior to attending each club run. You will also need to let your group leader know you have seen it when you arrive for your run. By signing up to a run on Wix you are also giving permission for us to contact you regarding the track and trace system.

Each runner must maintain social distancing at all times. This includes distance between group members and the general public.

We have been really pleased with the feedback given by members on the return to group runs so far and want to continue to build on this whilst still keeping everything safe.

A huge thank you to our group leaders for stepping forward to get us club running again.

The BPJ Committee