Hello all,

You may have noticed that I have been missing on Monday nights, I have changed my job and just can’t make it at the moment.

At the moment Peter is doing a great job of getting the group list together on a Monday, Rebecca will be joining him after Christmas.

We tried to organise a meeting last month, but we didn’t manage to communicate this very well so not many people were aware of it. I would like to thank those that did come up to the bar, you had some great ideas!

We are going to have another meeting on 28th January after running-starting at about 8:00pm (depending on how fast you run and how far you go!) We will meet in the bar to start with but may go in to the committee room if that is appropriate.

Anyone can come, the more the merrier please!

In the meeting we hope to:

  • Meet existing group leaders
  • Meet people interested in taking groups on an ‘ad-hoc’ or regular basis
  • Meet people with ideas of how to develop & improve the group system
  • Meet people who can’t commit to taking groups, but want to have input in to this VERY important part of the club.

Please remember –  one of the biggest strengths of BPJ is in the number of diverse groups we are able to offer and the friendly way that we do it, we can’t do that without you!

Please support us if you can!