Dear Club Members,

As you all know Mike is stepping down as Club Chair.  He has a lot going on with work, etc., and feels it will be in the club’s best interest if he steps down immediately. Whilst the committee feel they could cope until the AGM without a chair, with the amount of work we have at the moment with races and Clubmark, we feel we should get this role filled so we can carry on easily as a club.

We will hold an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) on Monday July 18th at the Blackpole Inn Pub at 8:30pm, in the skittle alley.

Anyone can put their name forward for the role of Club Chair providing they have nominated themselves by the date stated.

We have a timeline of how we would like this to work and it is as follows:

  • June 13th to July 4th: 3 weeks to put your name forward for the role and get your manifesto advertised to the club (your manifesto will be sent out to all members so you will need to send an electronic copy to [email protected] as soon as possible.
  • July 4th to 18th: Online vote for all club members (details to be sent out closer to the time). Votes will be counted and the result will be revealed at the EGM.

The online voting system will be organised and managed by an impartial person.

Job Description

  • Role: Chairperson
  • Responsible To: Club Committee

Main Duties

  • Support the efficient running of the club.
  • Chairing regular committee and annual general meetings.
  • Helping others understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Communicating with various members within the club.
  • Being actively involved in developing an action plan for the club.
  • Representing the club at local and regional events.
  • Assist the club to fulfil its responsibilities to safeguard vulnerable adults at club level.
  • Ensuring an understanding of the legal responsibilities of the club to which the Club complies.

We look forward to hearing from you,


Claire Shacklock
BPJ Club Secretary

Claire Shacklock