Dear members,

When we started our Clubmark journey we were told all group leaders would need to be LiRF qualified by the end of July 2016 and this message was passed on to members.  However, we have explored this thoroughly with England Athletics and are now able to clarify the following:

To lead a normal club night group a LIRF qualification is not required – although it is encouraged to give the group leader further knowledge, understanding and confidence in what they are doing and also to give them the opportunity to lead coached sessions/programmes.

So leaders, please keep doing the wonderful job that you are doing.

If you would like to lead a group and would like some support with this, please speak to a committee member or LiRF leader on a club night.

To find out more about the LiRF training and leaders, read the What can your ‘LiRF’ do for you? news article. If you would like to apply for LiRF training to take your leading skills further, then please fill in the LiRF Leader Application Form.

Best Wishes

Jo Evans