Further to the update we gave last month, we now have details on how to book on to groups using the new app.

Groups will start on Monday 29th March, following Covid-secure guidelines, with many groups already available to book on.

Groups of up to 11 people are available across a range of days, time, locations, paces and distances. Leaders will be free to limit groups to smaller groups as they feel comfortable or depending on the route.

To get started, install the My Running Club app using an iOS or Android smartphone/tablet app store, or from the following links:

Once installed, register an account. When you enter your email address, it will show an orange warning that the email address is not found.

This is ok. You will just need to enter the club code 5f817f76 to link you to the correct club. 

Further guidance

Once you’re set up (or if you don’t have a smartphone), we recommend reading the following:

Further instructions and answers to questions you may have

A big thank you to all the group leaders that are taking groups.