A fantastic finish to the year for so many runners saw some changes in December to the leader board for the most improved runner award. No matter how fast you are to improve your ranking score is tough. For the ladies Jo Evans clocked several PBs in December to take the ladies award. The top three ladies were:

  • 1st Jo Evans improved by 9.6 points
  • 2nd Cindy Wilkinson 7 points
  • 3rd Amanda Husband 5.5 points

The men’s award goes to Mick Ward who celebrated by running a double marathon this weekend!

  • 1st Mick Ward improved by 8 points
  • 2nd Kevin Garness 6 points
  • 3rd Neil McMillan 5.8 points

I would like to give Neil McMillan a special mention as he has had a terrible time with injury over the last 2 years and has managed 6 races in 2015, 6 good performances which have really improved his ranking score.

There are approximately 150 of you who improved your scores over they year so a big well done to everyone. There were several people who had massive breakthroughs in terms of performances and weren’t far away from the top 3 notably Emily Seward and Matt Davis who both came to racing really this year and deserve lots of praise.

There were also several people who had been running less than 12 months or who weren’t fully affiliated members. They improved their times and ranking greatly and if they keep going will be in the running next year for the award.

The Run Britain ranking isn’t the be all and end all of recognising improvement but it is a fair and structured way of monitoring people’s statistics. The handicap score purely reflects your improvement picking your 5 “best performances” over the year. The link below is Jo’s improvement over the last 12 months as her last 2 months in particular have been amazing. Well done everyone.

James Matheson